Research and Industrial Consultation

At the department we believe that universities were always the centres of scholarship. Today, they have to extend their function and fully integrate research, education and innovation, and attract other centres of knowledge into cooperation.
Research and thus postgraduate studies, have to be more focused on industrial problems. The department is working relentlessly to establish a meaningful and productive link with prominent polymer related industries. The broad framework of cooperation is as follows:

1. Area of interest at the department

  • Process Equipment Design & Simulation
  • Process Optimization
  • Development and complete characterization regarding:
    • Thermoplastic & Thermosets Compounding
    • Elastomers Masterbatches
    • Polymeric Composites
    • Reverse Engineering & Identification
    • Seminars at various Levels


2. Industry Contribution

  • Industrial Training & Internships
  • Enhancement of Laboratory facilities
  • Scholarships for students
  • Research projects leading to M.Sc. engineering
  • Funded Industrial Research


3. Modes of Interactions

  • Direct Liaison on Specific Project Basis
  • Collaboration through HEC-Industry Linkage Program


Collaborating Industries
Department has signed Memorandum of understandings (MOUs) with some of the leading industries. We provide industrial research and testing facilities to these industries. Industries provide practical knowledge to our graduates. Some of the major industries entering into agreement with department include:

  • Packages (Pvt.) Ltd
  • SPELL Group of Industries
  • Lucky Plastics
  • Fiber craft composites
  • Popular Pipes
  • Forward Sports

Under the above mentioned themes, the Department has established very close and congenial relationships with the Industries, around, including Descon Chemicals, Froward Sports,Rupali Polyester,Ibrahim Fibres,Fibretech Ltd,Popular Pipes,Lucky Plastics,Samad Rubber Works,Service Industries and many others.
Recently, the Department has signed an MOU with Forward Sports for collaborative research and development and working hard for the formulation of interaction modalities with many other industrial parteners.